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Zambia Mafinga Hills - Light Roast

Zambia Mafinga Hills - Light Roast

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Tasting notes: Almond, Cherry, Key Lime

I’ve been thinking about this coffee since I first tried it a few months ago - supremely smooth, with distinct notes of almond, cherry, and key lime. I kept this coffee light to highlight those lime and cherry notes.

This Rainforest Alliance-certified lot is sorted to contain only peaberries, an anomaly in which the coffee cherry only produces a single, round seed rather than the typical flat-sided two seeds.

While I try to source my coffees from small producers, this coffee actually comes from the Olam Coffee Estate Company which is the largest employer in Zambia. 

Country of Origin: Zambia

Region: Northern Province
Processing: Washed
Certifications: Rainforest Alliance Certified (IP)

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